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Our Mission

Block & Chain Game Studios is dedicated to building immersive, entertaining blockchain games and introducing players to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in a fun and familiar way. Join now to become a part of the blockchain gaming revolution!

We Look at Blockchain Games Differently

Traditional blockchain games target cryptocurrency users, with plodding, gameplay limited by the amount of cryptocurrency players are willing to spend.

Our team of game industry veterans is building an array of fun, approachable, exciting freemium games. As an extension of the Halo Platform, we have it all in one place: a high speed blockchain, integrated wallet, decentralized exchange and a currency that can be used across all games. Our powerful game engine makes it easy for developers to bring their web and mobile games to our platform.

Others try to gamify the blockchain. We bring mainstream games to the blockchain!

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The Block & Chain Game Studios Promise

Introduce people to the world of crypto through fun, immersive and engaging experiences, no matter what is their level of knowledge of blockchain technologies

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